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A logo is an important part of your corporate identity as it helps you to stand out from your competitors and turn your target audience into your regular customers.

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How to choose the right elements?

Office supplies logo has to emphasize how unique your products are. If your target audience are students, the best choice would be a personified image of a pencil or a clip, cartoon images of animals, etc. The words used for the name, are those associated with joy (smile, smiley face), childhood (fairytale, fantasy etc.), and studying (school, September). You should consider using handwritten fonts of Script group (e.g. Bickham Script, Edwardian Script, Lavanderia), amusing fonts of Fridge group (e.g. Bad Copy, Amoeba Rain) or simple and legible fonts of slab serif group (e.g. Clarendon, Candida bold, etc.).

Freedom Logo
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How to choose the right elements for adult audience?

In case your target audience is mostly businessmen, you sell goods of prime quality and you need a respectable logo, it is better to choose schematic images of office supplies or abstract images. The name should be associated with work (office, business) or you can use any direct names of your products. Simple block-letter fonts will look best on such logos.

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How do I create an office supplies logo for my brand?

Click “Create” and watch Logaster work magic! In a couple of minutes, Logaster will generate hundreds of custom logos for your industry. Select your favorite design, edit it as you like, and download it in the right format.

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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