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Symbolic meaning

Heart symbol appeared in the early Middle Ages and has remained practically unchanged until today. It is associated with spiritual devotion, romantic love, readiness for self-sacrifice.

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What industries use?

The heart symbol is used by numerous charitable organizations, and often it is added to the palm (open), or the whole hand. Also, the logo is a distinctive sign of services and dating sites. Wedding salons, hoping to get more lovers, use two hearts together. Depending on the semantic content, the emblem can be either autonomous or as part of a picture. For example, churches often complement the heart with blackthorn, marriage agencies - decor, flowers and other wedding symbols.

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What companies use?

Social organization Human rights day, dating club On a Date, medical clinic Cardiac Care and readers club Book Lovers use different ideas, stylized in the form of heart.

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How to choose the right colors?

The brand, by default, should be red, but it's only classics. For example, the logo of the French company Comme des Garçons is black. It is better to use warm colors: red, yellow, green, orange and their soft shades. Dark colors will contradict the very symbol, unless you need a logo for a rock band or biker club, then it may be appropriate.

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