What industries use?

The image of mother and child, families with children is very often used by public organizations. In commerce such images are used to emphasize the focus of products - it is, as a rule, shops for pregnant women, infants and mothers.

How to choose the right elements?

The icon of the logo should not be photographic, because its smaller copy will be similar to a colored spot. We recommend using contour images or silhouettes of a small child with a parent (mostly mother). These are usually quite large logos that are more like emblems. When creating logo for web design, it is necessary to make sure that the picture is not overloaded and remains recognizable even at small sizes. For these, it makes sense to use a cartoon-style picture of a kid. Additional elements to be used including nipples, bottles, rattles or other children's toys, which are associatively suitable for the necessary business.

How to choose the right colors?

For the ogo of children's theme, delicate colors could be a good choice - light blue, yellow, orange, green and even pink. Fonts can be selected depending on the purpose of the organization. If it is a social project, business fonts will be suitable. If the commercial is aimed at children, it can be letters in cubes, decorative and handwritten fonts.

What companies use?

Producers of baby food Gerber, and Rafferty's Garden used images of toddlers for their brand marks. There are also popular uses of cartoon characters, such as the blue teddy bear on the products of the company Nestle.

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