General information

Charity funds use powerful logos to encourage people to be kind, show mercy, and help others. For non-profit organizations, a emblem is a concise way to explain what mission they’re pursuing. Non-profit organizations include various clubs, associations, and funds.

What companies use?

On the Li Ka Shing Foundation logo, you can see a person with wide-spread arms which symbolize the branches of a tree. To imitate leaves, a designer added green little hearts. To emphasize the global nature of its projects, the Rockefeller Foundation uses the image of our planet. In the beautiful logo used by Safe Animal Shelter, you can see a cat and dog, which is an instant hint at what the organization is doing.

How to choose the right elements?

Charity organizations tend to use a variety of images that convey the ideas of love, friendship, care, and trust. It can be a heart, handshake, flower, sun, bird, etc. For a viewer, your emblem must be an invitation to ask for help or reach out to others. Your design must give off warm, friendly vibes. Of course, the particular icon that you choose depends on your specialization. If you run an animal shelter, use the images of dogs, cats, hamsters, etc. If you have a fund for helping professional athletes, feel free to use sporting accessories, such as a football ball, golf club, hockey stick, etc. To create the right mood, use cheerful and lively colors, such as yellow, orange, green, light blue, etc. Red is always a good idea. It symbolizes an undying passion and unconditional love.

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