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Symbolic meaning

Energetic and expressive, red is the color of love and life. At the same time, it’s synonymous with aggression and blood. In the Western countries, red is generally associated with female passion, while the East considers it a symbol of masculinity. Despite such ambiguity, red affects all people in the same way: it makes us more decisive and pushes us to action.

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Heinz Logo
American Red Cross Logo
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What industries use?

When it comes to creating a corporate identity, it’s hard to go wrong with red. Due to its versatility, red goes well with a variety of industries. If you are an athlete, you should try a red and black logo for your sports team. It’s sure to position you as a strong rival! Red is known for its ability to cause the feeling of hunger. This is why a red logo is a great choice for restaurants, cafés, grocery shops, and food suppliers.

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Red Bull Logo
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