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For an online shop, a logo is like a digital signage with the incredible power to attract potential clients. A smart logo can speak volumes of your brand, products, customer service, etc. A logo is an essential element in the marketing chain, just like website design, content, advertising, etc. Read on to find out how your online store can use the potential of branding to the fullest.

What companies use?

In the logo for, we can see the brand name against the backdrop of colored stripes. The online store opted for a minimalist text-based logo. If you go to, you’ll see a cheerful multi-colored emblem which is a true delight to look at. The logo features the image of lips with a heart. The online store at came up with a charming mascot to promote their brand. As you can see, there are no cookie-cutter rules to follow. The main thing is that your emblem brings forward the advantages of your online business.

How to choose the right elements?

Most online stores use generic icons related to marketing, finance, and shopping. Alternatively, you can choose the image of products you’re selling, whether it’s electronic gadgets, clothing, books, toys, etc. If the assortment is too big and it’s hard to single out a particular product, opt for abstract graphics which are associated with top quality and stellar service. When choosing a color scheme, think about what impression you’d like to make on your target audience. Also, your choice of color must be influenced by what type of products you’re selling.

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