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General information

For an insurance company, a logo is a way to make a statement and translate its values and mission to the target audience. On top of that, a logo must speak to your potential clients in their language, create the right associations, and provide information about your services. An insurance logo is used across a variety of surfaces, from outside signages, to letterheads, to advertising materials. This means your emblem must be versatile, legible, and universally understood.

Aig Logo
Aia Group Logo
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berkshire Logo

Berkshire Logo

What companies use?

In the logo for Prudential Financial, you can see a picturesque mountain scenery. ING Group came up with a powerful mascot, a white-and-orange lion. The emblem used by China Life Insurance Company has the form of a green circle. The famous MetLife logo consists of two overlapping abstract elements that produce a unique visual effect.

DIG Logo
Metlife Logo
Prudential Financial Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Most insurance logos consist of a beautifully written company name and abstract graphic symbol that stands for prosperity, integrity, and stability. Consider using images associated with protection and safety, such as hands, roof, door, wall, umbrella, and the like. Some businessmen opt for a succinct text-based logo that doesn't have any graphics at all. If you’re one of them, make sure your font and background color go well together and fuse into a balanced composition.

DJK Logo
Recruiting Insurance Logo
Farmers Insurance Logo
Liverty Logo

Encova Logo

How to choose the right colors?

When it comes to insurance-themed logos, the most common color solutions include green, blue, red, and brown. We recommend sticking with trusted design techniques to tell your potential clients a coherent story about your brand and its advantages. Also, be sure to read about psychological connotations behind the fundamental shades in the color palette.

Munich Logo
Insurance Logo
UNH Logo

How do I create an insurance logo for my brand?

Click “Create” and watch Logaster work magic! In a couple of minutes, Logaster will generate hundreds of custom logos for your industry. Select your favorite design, edit it as you like, and download it in the right format.

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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