General information

An agriculture logo design brings together technological achievements and natural wonders, progress and traditions, earth and metal. Use your emblem to identity your industry or emphasize the key characteristics (values, advantages, etc.) of your brand. Some companies use their logo to draw attention to their beneficial geographic location. Most of the time, agriculture businesses use logos to showcase products they’re producing.

What companies use?

In the logo of the Norwegian brand Yara International, you can see graphic symbols that form a viking ship. Syngenta AG uses its brand name paired with a green leaf. Similar solutions are used by Nutrien and Cargill. The abstract logo for Archer Daniels Midland also relies on the image of a leaf. The AgriSA brand opted for young sprouts reaching to the sun.

How to choose the right elements?

The agro company emblems tend to use industrial devices and mechanisms, such as gears, tractors, etc. Also, it’s a good idea to explore nature-related icons, e.g. leaves, water drops, wheat heads, grapes, sunflowers, etc. Some companies give preference to abstract graphics that stand for growth, fertility, and prosperity. If your area is known for its its agricultural potential, feel free to use your national symbols.

How to choose the right colors?

When it comes to agriculture logos, some businesses use industry-inspired black and grey colors. Others rely on natural color schemes consisting of green, light blue, yellow and orange. Those are the colors of growth and harvest. The global minimalism trend is affecting the agriculture sector as well. Modern companies gravitate towards succinct text- and graphic-based emblems with 1-2 main shades.

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