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General information

In addition to physiological differences, men are different from women mainly psychologically. Therefore, the approach to developing brands for them should be different. While a woman sees beauty in polished marble, a man is fine with untreated stone if he even notices it.

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Man's Life Logo

Major tips

Manly - means courageous, in ancient times they would say "spear of Mars", which is an additional confirmation of this. Companies that produce clothes for the stronger sex are aware of this, so they never pay too much attention to the entourage. The main thing is that the brand emphasizes the dignity of the person to whom it belongs. Man buying, for example, a chainsaw, will not bother whether it goes with the color of the garage or not, so the logo should be more informative than beautiful.

Man Man Logo
Man Logo
Condor Logo

How to choose the right elements?

The logo of men’s product should be simple, without a lot of minor details. The font of the title is more classic or Gothic. Capital letters are hardly suitable. Framing - simple geometry, careless strokes. When it comes to icons, it is preferable to use simple and understandable objects, if you use animals, go with brutal, strong, and aggressive ones. The task of the icon is to emphasize masculinity and brand reliability.

The Brothers Barber Shop Logo
Man Sports Logo
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Gillette Logo

What companies use?

As for colors, minimalism is preferable. Only as much as necessary for the normal transmission of information and no pastels! Vivid examples of brands - Gillette, Lacoste, Glock, Dodge, and Сondor.

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Glock Logo
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How do I create a manly logo for my brand?

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