Symbolic meaning

Did you know that a female face has a visual language of its own? Puffy red lips stand for passion, eloquent eyes with long eyelashes imply flirtation, and distinct eyebrows are synonymous with style. As you can see, there’s a whole bunch of qualities you can communicate through your makeup logo!

What industries use?

Makeup plays a huge role in the life of a modern woman. Makeup-themed logos are frequently used by beauty salons, stylists, permanent makeup studios, cosmetology clinics, and many other businesses that help women feel more confident and find their unique style.

What companies use?

Let’s scrutinize a few unconventional design solutions. For example, Kristina Frank makeup artistry has put its brand name into an ellipsis drawn with a lipstick. We can’t take our eyes off this black and pink logo! Kylie and The Balm have opted for the attention-grabbing lips to represent their brands.

How to choose the right elements?

If you want to attract your customers with the seductive image of lips, feel free to experiment with colors. Violet lips? Why not? A dense eyebrow will be a stylish addition to a logotype. Don’t forget about makeup accessories, such as mascara brushes and lipsticks. With these easily recognizable items, your audience won’t have to guess which business you are in! When choosing a color palette and geometry for your makeup emblem, you should take into account your target audience. Use traditionally feminine shades (red, pink, etc.) in combination with a dark background. This is the secret of a balanced combination that will look visually appealing and professional at the same time.

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