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General information

A cigar is a product obtained by twisting up tobacco leaves. A cigar consists of multiple layers and uses different types of tobacco. Many manufacturers keep the composition of their premium cigars secret. Cigars symbolize nobility, luxury, and high social status. Smoking a cigar is not the same as smoking a regular cigarette. It’s a ritual. Your cigar logo must convey the idea of exclusiveness.

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What brands use a cigar logo

The brand Oliva has a clean and minimalist logotype with its name on it. A similar branding solution is used for Davidoff products. The visual symbol for Paradiso is a parrot with spread wings. The Drew Estate company uses the globally known Manhattan Bridge. Older brands have more sophisticated logos imitating custom-made cigar boxes. Some of the noteworthy examples include emblems for De Monterrey, H. Upmann, and Montecristo. The logo for Fonseca brand features the portrait of its founder. To promote its Mexican cigars, Te-Amo created the powerful images of a bullfighter and a bull.

Oliva Cigars Logo
Davidoff Logo
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What images to choose

Many cigar manufacturers have a long and rich history. It’s a common practice among them to stick with their original emblems for decades. Only few brands have the courage to rebrand their logos. Some companies design their logos in pseudo-heraldic style, including monograms, traditional symbols (animals, shields, frames, etc.), facsimiles, etc. Local sights and attractions are often used as the central images for such logos.

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What colors to choose

For your cigar logo, use the gamut that matches the colors of your product (e.g., different shades of brown). If you’re manufacturing expensive premium cigars, explore shades of black and metallic hues. To channel old school vibes, use sepia shades for background or font. At the same time, many companies use shades of yellow and red. Green is less common.

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