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Symbolic meaning

A wolf stands for freedom, independence, selflessness, and self-sacrifice. There’s a reason why the Indians in North America associated their bravest warriors with wolves.

Astana Wolves Logo
Wicklow Wolf Logo
Star Wolf Logo
Wolf Sport Team Logo

Cecil Wolfpack Logo

How to choose the right elements?

If you’re adamant about depicting a wolf on your corporate items and merchandise, you must be careful. Avoid savage or ferocious images unless you want to drive away your potential clients. If you’re only using a wolf’s head, make sure that it looks angry without being repulsive.In the wild, wolves move silently, without being noticed by the most alert animals, let alone humans. This is why you should avoid bright colors and stick with natural hues that imitate the beast’s fell. Consider using black, brown, grey, snow white, and silver. The shades of red and blue are also a way to go. With a bit of imagination, you’re sure to craft a cool color palette even without cheerful hues!

Oakland Wolfpack Logo
Teen Wolf Logo
Wolfpack Basketball Logo

General information

Due to the negative connotations, this beast is an uncommon choice among companies because the bared teeth of a wolf scare people on a subconscious level. Back in the day, people considered wolves diabolical creatures. In the folklore of many cultures, you’ll find multiple tales and myths about werewolf clans that hunt people and howl at the moon at midnight. Luckily, these prejudices have mostly faded away. Nowadays, you can often see a wolf on sports or military uniform.

NC State Wolfpack Logo
Bad Wolf Logo
Wolves Gaming Logo
Lone Wolf Logo

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo

What companies use?

Check out the emblems used by such teams as Minnesota Timberwolves, Stony Brook Seawolves, Copenhagen Wolves, as well as the famous motorcycle club Wolf Pack Oakland.

Copenhagen Wolves Logo
Wolf Pack Logo
Seawolves Logo

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