Symbolic meaning

A turtle is associated with wisdom and longevity. Its shell is a symbol of reliable protection, home, comfort, warmth, and security. The turtle also symbolizes calm leisureliness, discretion, and self-confidence. These qualities can be used to create key brand elements. The turtle logo is suitable for manufacturers, security companies, restaurants, hotels, resort complexes, nature reserves, etc.

Who uses it?

As a symbol of reliability, the turtle shell has become the logo for the Swiss watch brand Certina. You can also recall the logo of the animated series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” the letters of which are drawn copying the structure of the turtle shell. A green turtle is the logo of Turtle Wax brand products, designed for polishing and processing car bodies. The silhouette of the shell with a distinctive pattern is depicted for the brand name of the IT company Turtle Technologies. In addition, it has a character in the form of a cheerful, cute turtle.

Which elements to choose?

A turtle logo may contain an image of this reptile. The option of drawing depends on the brand, its style, and its field of business. For example, an entertainment center will need a logo with a sketchy image, and a national park will need a fairly accurate, detailed drawing. Recognizable details such as a turtle shell, its head, and others can be depicted in the logo. In text logos, you can use distinctive elements, creating the necessary “turtle” accents.

General recommendations

You can use traditional color schemes for the turtle logo. However, a recognizable image allows you to move away from generally accepted decisions. Therefore, a logo with a turtle can be of any color. The same applies to the color and style of the font used for text logos. The turtle often symbolizes leisureliness. However, you can take the opposite approach and make this quality humorous. For example, use the image of a running turtle for the logo of a courier company.

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