Symbolic meaning

In American culture, toucans represent love, happiness, and soul. They are considered symbols of prosperity, development, and overcoming life's troubles. Centuries ago, American tribes carved images of these birds on totems. In modern culture, the toucan is associated with exoticism, confidence, and the strive for perfection. The toucan logo is universal: Brands can use it to emphasize similar associative qualities or bright exoticism.

Who uses it?

A cheerful image of birds is used for the logo of the Mini Toucan concept for the Tui family hotel chain. The Toucan Signs company specializes in surface graphic design. The toucan on its logo is distinguished by a special beak: A full spectrum of rainbow hues is applied to it. A similar solution was chosen by the Russian printing company Toucan Print.

Which colors to choose?

In most cases, people choose a color scheme corresponding to the plumage of a toucan. It is bright and recognizable, creating direct associations with exoticism. This is a combination of black, white, yellow, and red shades for the body and orange, yellow, red, blue, and green for the beak. Naturally, not all logos repeat the complex color of the bird, as this is not necessary. Three or four base colors are usually used in development. If a brand is working in the niche of art or printing, a colorful logo will be an advantage.

Which elements to choose?

First, a toucan logo will have a distinctive beak that conveys recognition, exoticism, and the necessary mood. Therefore, for the logo, it is enough to use only the head of the toucan in profile. The unique shape of the beak resembles the smile of a pretty bird: It is actively used when developing a logo for children's brands. As with all bird logos, the position and dynamics can emphasize the necessary qualities. For example, a flying toucan will symbolize movement. This option is suitable for transport and travel companies.

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