Symbolic meaning

A stork is associated with the birth of children, family, affection, and tenderness almost everywhere. It symbolizes the beginning of a new life, luck, spring, responsibility, and mutual help. Using a stork image for a logo is a good solution for a company, especially if you need to achieve positive associations with the brand. Maternity hospitals, medical centers, charity projects, manufacturers, shops, and even IT companies choose this beautiful bird for their logos.

Who uses it?

The classic image of a stork (as a baby “provider”) is embodied in the logo of The Stork medical service in New Zealand. The same idea was implemented for Stork Vision Systems. The simple silhouette of a flying bird is on the Stork Logistics logo. Another logistics brand, Stork Express, also uses the image of a bird. However, there is a different style of drawing. Moreover, a small bag and a courier cap were added to the image of a stork. The Stork IMM brand symbol resembles folded bird wings.

Which elements to choose?

A detailed image of a bird is used for a stork logo. Good recognition of the symbol allows you to experiment: You can draw a stork schematically, abstractly, with a minimum of detail. Another common logo element is bird wings. They symbolize determination and movement in the right direction. Companies working in the niche of children's goods and services, or medical care for children or expecting women, can use the classic version: a stork carrying a bundle in its beak. You can take this concept as a basis for creating a unique logo.

Which colors to choose?

The traditional solution for a stork logo is a combination of white and gray shades for the image of the body and wings and red or pink for the beak. This is appropriate if the logo contains a character traced in detail. In the case of an abstract design, any color options associated with the brand concept are allowed. The main thing is that symbolism can be easily recognized. If the logo is combined and the word “stork” is present in the name, you can choose just a specific detail to create a symbol – for example, stork wings.

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