Symbolic meaning

The classic interpretation of the squirrel image is frugality and thriftiness, as this active animal is constantly in search of food and stores reserves for winter. Different cultures in many countries have their own associations. In the modern world, a squirrel is a universal symbol and an attractive character that will suit many brands. The image of the animal is used by manufacturers, IT companies, advertising agencies, cafes, bars, and sports teams. Also, this symbol is often used by organizations and companies focused on children's audiences.

Who uses it?

Squirrel Girl is a classic character example designed for the Marvel comic book. A squirrel with a nut is depicted on the Secret Squirrel logo, emphasizing the company’s specifics and direction. A squirrel has become a symbol of the New Zealand brand Squirrel. On its logo, Squirrel Sisters placed two identical squirrel silhouettes with their backs turned to each other. A cute character is depicted on the Squirrel Street brand logo. A smiling rodent is drawn with a symbolic tie around his neck.

Which colors to choose?

The squirrel logo is traditionally created within the classic color scheme of this animal. It includes ginger, yellow, white, and gray colors as the base. The current trend toward creating concise logos requires new solutions. This is usually the use of 1-2 colors or even an emphasis on black and white. The recognizable image of the squirrel allows you to experiment with colors. However, ginger (warm orange) remains the most popular option. Most logos of this cute animal are made with a ginger color.

Which elements to choose?

For a squirrel logo, the image of a sitting animal is often used. The use of a squirrel portrait is also popular. It can convey certain emotions (especially if the brand is for children). A simple silhouette of the animal is an idea for the logos of modern companies that want trendy symbols. It is easy to combine the image with the text format of the logo: Replace it with a letter or place it next to the written name. You can experiment with abstract figure combinations. Perhaps you will have a symbol associated with the silhouette of a squirrel.

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