Symbolic meaning

From ancient times, the spider has symbolized hard work, creative energy, and creation. In many cultures, the image of this arthropod is associated with the protector, the keeper of the hearth, and the savior. Another meaning indicates a craft bordering on art. Therefore, a spider logo is suitable for brands specializing in the creation of new products, protection and security, construction, etc. If a company wants its image or products to evoke similar associations, it is worth using the image of a spider.

Who uses it?

One of the most famous examples is the spider logo on a green background, used by Dr. Web. This image of the popular anti-virus software conveys the direct function of a spider: full control of the situation and the extermination of “uninvited guests.” It is worth recalling another well-known example of the use of a logo with a spider. This is a registered trademark for the image of Spider-Man, the hero of the same-name franchise. The silhouette of an arthropod hanging from a symbolic web is on the logo of Spider, an American construction company.

Which elements to choose?

In most cases, a spider logo is based on the use of a recognizable image – a symbol or a detailed arthropod. Most often, preference is given to a symbolic image: It is minimalistic and easily recognizable. Partial use of a silhouette is not always appropriate; recognition is lost, so the audience can confuse a spider with an insect. However, this is easy to fix if you use another recognizable element, i.e., a web pattern. Alternatively, you can combine a character with a text logo. For example, replace the letters with spiders or cobwebs with some letters in the brand name.

Which colors to choose?

Dark shades are often chosen for the spider logo, and the image itself is drawn in the form of a silhouette. This decision inspires confidence and emphasizes the importance of the company. This is necessary for brands with suitable market positioning (for example, security organizations). If the business is in the field of entertainment or creativity, or is a restaurant, you can choose a bright palette for the spider logo. Even with bright colors, the symbol remains recognizable and can attract more attention.

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