Symbolic meaning

In the Eastern cultures, a snake is a symbol of wisdom, health, and rebirth. The famous Hippocratic cup with a snake has become a popular logo used by thousands of medical facilities and pharmacies all over the world. This image has the connotations of security and reliability.

Tank Snake Logo
Dallas Rattlers Logo
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Razer Logo

Snake Eyes Logo

What companies use?

Medicine is not the only industry that employs the snake image. Established sports teams and clubs, such as Snake Eyes Las Vegas, Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Arizona Rattlers, have put a snake on their emblems to symbolize strength and endurance. An asp also appears on the logo of the sports apparel brand Venum. Of course, we couldn’t ignore the memorable Alfa Romeo logo where a snake is eating a man. However, it’s not clear whether the man is going in or coming out. (Needless to say, the car maker uses this ambiguity to its advantage.)

Alfa Romeo Logo
Arizona Diamondbacks Logo
Venum Logo

How to choose the right elements?

As for geometric shapes, feel free to use a circle or triangle that resembles a cobra’s hood. Snakes are all about movement and flexibility, so avoid “rigid” forms, such as a square, rectangle, and cross.

South Side Serpents Logo
Black Mamba Logo
Rio Grande Valley Vipers Logo
Snake Diet Logo

Philadelphia Logo

How to choose the right colors?

A complex and intricate image, a snake will look great even on a white background. If, however, you choose to add a colored background, go for delicate patterns and shades. In nature, reptiles come in an abundance of hues. There are no strict rules as to which shades to use and which ones to avoid. The main thing is to craft a tasteful color scheme.

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