Symbolic meaning

In many cultures, a shell is a symbol of new life. The process of forming pearls inside shells is associated with the birth of a new solution or idea. Seashells symbolize prosperity, wealth, and luxury. The symbol has many meanings, so it can be considered universal. The shell logo is suitable for manufacturers, creative agencies, restaurants, cafes, and other companies. The variety of meanings makes it possible to use this symbol everywhere.

Who uses it?

The most famous example is the Shell company logo. One of the largest companies in the world is recognizable thanks to the simple image of a yellow shell. The Shell Aviation logo was created based on this image to promote the brand’s lubricants. The logo of the Canadian “Life Chemicals” company has a simple stylized image of a shell. Shell Point Retirement Community has a drawing that resembles, simultaneously, a shell wing and the sun rising above the sea. A semicircular shape and special gape structure form the basis of the Shell Networks & Solutions logo.

Which elements to choose?

The two most common ideas for the shell logo are the image of an open gape (or two gapes) or a symbol of a round twisted seashell. When one is working with these elements, it is important to avoid associations with the logos of famous brands. To do this, apply stylization, abstract drawings, and unusual elements. For example, create an image of shells of feathers, sea stones, or chaotic lines. It is important that this emphasizes the brand philosophy and works to achieve the overall result.

Which colors to choose?

The shell logo is a universal symbol. Therefore, you can brand it in accordance with the characteristics of the company. This also applies to the color scheme. There are no serious restrictions: The main thing is to not repeat the famous corporate colors. In general, you can choose light basic colors and shades for the shell logo: white, blue, light green, turquoise, and others. If necessary, you can decorate the symbol in all colors of the rainbow. There are many opportunities for introducing unique ideas, which is the value of such a logo.

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