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Symbolic meaning

The image of a scorpion symbolizes protection from enemies. This ancient arthropod was revered in many cultures. People associated its power with a divine gift. The scorpion was given special symbolic significance because it had the antidotes to its own poison. The scorpion logo is suitable for companies working in the security and safety niche, both physical and online. It is also appropriate for brands that specialize in the construction industry, production, and the development of new technologies.

Hannover Scorpions Logo
Arizona Scorpions Logo
Black Scorpion Logo
GX Gaming Logo

Abarth Logo

Who uses it?

From the first years of its existence, the automobile company Abarth, a special division of the FCA concern (FIAT, etc.), has used a scorpion logo. The white silhouette of a scorpion on a red background is depicted on the Castelli brand logo. The corporate sign of the marketing and technology company Scorpion Healthcare shows this arthropod. The picture is composed of abstract symbols, but the image as a whole is well-recognized. In its style and color, the logo of the Scorpion Bay SpA brand resembles the coat of arms at the beginning of the 20th century.

Castelli Logo
Scorpion Healthcare Logo
Scorpion Bay SPA Logo

Which colors to choose?

The color scheme of a scorpion logo should correspond to the main idea that the symbol carries. If this is self-confidence, you can use saturated shades of red. To emphasize safety, it is worth choosing nude tones. Many brands choose a logo with a dark image of a scorpion. A well-recognized silhouette makes it possible to use almost any classic color. The main thing is that the colors correspond to the general style of the brand symbols.

Scorpion Aquatics Logo
San Antonio Scorpions Logo
Scorpion Inflatable Boats Logo
Scorpion Racing Products Logo

Scorpion Internet Marketing Logo

Which elements to choose?

A scorpion logo can use a full-fledged image of an arthropod or its recognizable details; it can be a distinctive curved body, sting, tail, etc. You can depict them with an emphasis on detail or as an abstract picture. If the company name contains the word “scorpion,” you can use the text-symbol logo. The main thing is to not overload the logo with details, so as not to impair recognition. Alternatively, you can use only the text logo, imitating the color and visual features of the scorpion shell in a font.

Scorpions Elpaso Logo
Scorpion Skaffolding Logo
Scorpio Logo

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