Symbolic meaning

A ram symbolizes vital energy, fire, courage, and strength. The symbol is associated with perseverance, impulsiveness, and determination. In traditional culture, the image of a ram represented the mind and the ability to protect the weak. The modern meaning of the symbol is more prosaic: The image of the animal is often considered a gastronomic subject. Therefore, in most cases, the logo with a ram is chosen by farms, meat producers, shops, and catering establishments. However, there are exceptions, including football clubs and even automakers.

Who uses it?

One of the most famous examples is the ram-head logo created for DODGE trucks. Such signs were installed on cars until 2010, symbolizing strength and determination. The attacking ram is a symbol of the Los Angeles Rams sports team. For the logo of the football team Derby County, a minimalistic drawing of the animal was created, showing the unofficial name (“Rams”). A simple head silhouette is on the RAM Construction Services logo. When creating the RAM Energy brand name, the emphasis was on the symbolism of the animal's horn. For this, two curved lines were drawn.

Which elements to choose?

Key details of the ram’s image are next: a recognizable silhouette (standing, attacking, etc.), swirling horns, and a distinctive head shape. The trend toward simplification allows you to create logos without unnecessary details, though with concise lines and shapes. Exceptions apply to branded characters. In this case, a detailed drawing may be needed to convey the character features and mood of the hero. If the name of the company has the word “ram” in it, the logo can be made abstract. For example, use an ordinary spiral to depict horns.

Which colors to choose?

For the ram logo, a natural color scheme is suitable: shades of white, light gray, and black. As for the background, the colors of the natural habitat are used. These are green, blue, and yellow. However, if the concept of a brand and its brand book requires other solutions, you can use them. Recognizable image elements provide instant associations. Such an approach may even be beneficial: It will distinguish the company’s brand name among similar competitors’ solutions.

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