Symbolic meaning

The rabbit is a symbol of shyness and humility, but also time, speed, virtue, longevity, fun, and pranks. In modern Western culture, the image of the rabbit evokes strong associations with the famous Easter character. In general, these animals are considered cute and kind. Therefore, a rabbit or bunny is an ideal image for a logo. You can choose it for different brands. If you analyze the market, you will see that many companies use such a logo: from bars to sports clubs, from pet stores to manufacturers of heating equipment.

Who uses it?

The Irish-style American bar “Dead Rabbit” has quite an interesting logo. It corresponds to the name of the institution. The famous sports team Jack Rabbit has developed a separate character for the logo. This is a determined, striving-forward rabbit. Playboy has a White Rabbit logo that is recognized worldwide. This symbol has become decisive in the history of the magazine: It evokes a strong association with the brand. For many years, the logo of the Vaillant equipment manufacturer has been the symbol of a rabbit hatched from an egg.

Which colors to choose?

The rabbit logo is drawn in a color scheme in which light, basic tones prevail: white, pale gray, or pink. To avoid associations with well-known logos, brands either develop their own unique color or use the original color scheme. Given the trend, you can simplify the logo using thin lines and 1-2 base colors. This option looks good on any surface. In general, there are no restrictions; companies can design their logos in accordance with the corporate range of colors.

Which elements to choose?

For the rabbit logo, the silhouette of the animal, its head, and individual elements (most often ears) are used. The exact choice depends on the brand concept and the associations that the logo should evoke. Creating characters is a popular option. Cute animals contribute to this: it is enough to simply develop a unique image and convey the necessary emotions. Brands also use a combination of text and symbols in the logo. For example, the silhouette of a bunny can be placed on one of the letters of the brand name.

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