Symbolic meaning

In modern culture, the peacock is associated with beauty, grace, and pride. Obviously, the greatest symbolic value is the male bird, which has a recognizable, beautiful tail. In the traditional sense, a peacock is a symbol of wisdom, patience, kindness, nobility, dignity, and good luck. The peacock logo is suitable for designers, advertising companies, and brands working in creative niches. It is used by media companies, restaurants, beauty product manufacturers, and stores.

Who uses it?

The most famous example is the peacock TV logo of NBC. The “feathers” of the bird symbolize the classic number of the television company’s departments, and a special turn of the head shows the striving forward. A stylized peacock is also depicted on the logo of the Goharfam production company: A bird is portrayed in a drop-shaped image. The Thirsty Peacock American Bar is known for its wine bottle logo, resembling a peacock with its tail. A distinctive crested bird head is on the Peacock Solar corporate sign. A tail silhouette is a visual branding solution for Peacock France.

Which colors to choose?

A peacock logo gives designers complete freedom: The bird’s bright plumage allows you to use almost the entire rainbow spectrum for image development. The peacock logo is also chosen to emphasize the brightness and attractiveness of a brand. Primary colors are blue, pale blue, green, pink, red, and a variety of their shades and gradients. When creating a logo with a peacock, you should focus on the brand’s philosophy and the company’s corporate colors. The image of the bird will remain recognizable, despite the unique coloring.

General recommendations

A peacock on a logo is the best solution for companies that want to stand out and emphasize their creative approach to work. That is why this symbol is so loved by art studios, advertising agencies, and restaurants. The entire image of the bird is often used as a logo element, but this is not necessary. The distinctive tail is recognizable even when it is folded. The plumage of this bird species is so unique that even one detailed feather will be enough. You can also use a proud turn of the peacock’s head with an elegant crest for the logo.

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