Symbolic meaning

The octopus symbolizes wisdom, resourcefulness, and tremendous power. In many cultures, people consider an octopus to be a patron saint of the sea. The octopus is also associated with immortality and the ability to be reborn. An octopus logo is suitable for companies, brands, and people whose work is directly related to the sea and marine products. It has also become the central image for the logo of various institutions, creative organizations, festivals, manufacturers, trading companies, and IT projects.

Who uses it?

An octopus appears on the Octopus Navigation logo. Its two tentacles point in different directions of the world, resembling a compass needle. Roastopus also selected a logo with a stylized image of an octopus in a cylinder for branding on coffee packaging. The brand logo for Octopus sporting goods and accessories depicts distinctive tentacles interweaving into a circle. The simple silhouette is depicted on the logo of the IT company Octopus Deploy. Octopus Robots has a very simple and concise symbol: a few strokes resembling an octopus with its tentacles.

Which elements to choose?

Distinctive details are used to make an octopus easily recognizable on a logo: an oval or round head and long tentacles. Partial use of the image is also possible: for example, only tentacles that can wrap around the name or other elements of the logo. The image can be detailed or schematic: It depends on the positioning and direction of the brand. In the entertainment sphere, the octopus is often styled as a character.

Which colors to choose?

The obvious choice for the octopus logo are colors associated with the shades of water: blue or pale blue. This is especially relevant for brands whose work is related to the sea and marine products. In other cases, water associations can be avoided by using a different color scheme. The shape will still be recognizable, even if the octopus is green or depicted as a dark silhouette. By the way, the natural shades of octopuses are yellow, red, and brown.

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