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Symbolic meaning

The monkey symbol has many meanings. In the culture of each nation, they are different, and often have opposite meanings. In general, the monkey is considered a symbol of cunning, agility, ambition, playfulness, intelligence, and loyalty. A logo with a monkey is suitable for any brand with a philosophy that coincides with such traits. Some companies try to emphasize their creativity with the help of the monkey symbol, while others use the image to place a semantic emphasis on dexterity or the ability to find a way out of any situation.

Big Monkey Logo
Drunken Monkey Logo
Chimney Monkey Logo
Mono Logo

Gas Monkey Logo

Who uses it?

A well-known example is the logo of Gas Monkey, a car repair and tuning company. This is an image of an aggressive gorilla head. The opposite is the Grease Monkey logo, a symbol of the browser extension. This is a simple portrait of a monkey, reminiscent of classic pixel art. The logo of the record company MWNCI Studios depicts a silhouette of a monkey located above the letters. Before its rebranding, clothing manufacturer LC Waikiki used a logo with the image of a monkey looking out of a circle. The MONO IT project uses a simple profile of a monkey’s head on its logo.

Greasemonkey Logo
MWNCI Studios Logo
LC Waikiki Logo

Which elements to choose?

The monkey logo may include an image of the animal: detailed or in the form of a silhouette. Also, you can use only the head (portrait) of the animal. The monkey is a general notion. You can choose any animal that is part of the primate species and endow it with suitable symbolic meaning. The image of a monkey is often used to create a branded character. To do this, use the naturally rich facial expressions of these animals. In modern logos, the animal is depicted concisely, without a detailed drawing, but is instantly recognized.

Shining Monkey Logo
Mad Monkey Logo
Monkey Biz Logo
Monkey Bone Logo

Urban Monkey Logo

General recommendations

In a monkey logo, it’s important to convey a mood consistent with the brand’s philosophy. The associative series that the animal invokes allows this to be done. As for the color scheme, there are no restrictions. However, many brands use dark and saturated tones, corresponding to the actual colors of many monkeys. When analyzing logos with gorillas, you can see the popularity of a black-and-white combination. This has the advantage of looking good on any surface.

Monkey Business Logo
Monkey Shoulder Logo
Surveymonkey Logo

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