Symbolic meaning

In many cultures, the goose symbolizes rebirth, creation, and life. It is considered a symbol of motherhood, thriftiness, and care. Other associations are freedom, loyalty, and talkativeness. Traditionally, a goose is considered the embodiment of haute cuisine. Therefore, a logo with this bird is most often used by restaurants, food and drink manufacturers, agricultural companies, and brands that create products for home and family.

Who uses it?

A logo with a symbolic image of a goose head is used by the Danish brand JYSK. A similar approach was taken by manufacturers of beer produced under the Goose Island Beer Company brand. A flying bird is depicted on the Goose Talent Institute logo. The Goose Digital marketing company’s symbol is a compound: The drawing of a bird and the first letter of the name are unusually combined. The symbol of the Goose Lane recruiting agency is the silhouette of a bird, as if folded from paper (in the manner of origami figures). The Goose Collective project logo is a bird's head as if drawn by a child.

Which colors to choose?

The goose logo is traditionally white or gray, in accordance with the bird’s colors, whether domestic or wild. This helps identify the image and evoke the necessary associations. However, stylization is quite applicable: a golden goose, red goose, and so on. The bird symbol is easy to recognize, so different colors are allowed. However, white is the most popular option. It makes the logo universal, as the logo will look good in any format, including one-color letterhead.

General recommendations

The goose is usually depicted as a calmly sitting or flying bird, or the one with spread wings. Each option has its own semantic meaning. The option of using only the head of a bird is popular. The goose can be turned into a character; this is especially done in logos for gastronomic brands. A bird can wear clothes, be depicted schematically, or be composed of abstract symbols. Each option has its benefits if it corresponds to the spirit of the company and the brand positioning.

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