Symbolic meaning

Traditionally, the goat has been the personification of courage, fertility, great vitality, and strength. Thanks to the Indians, this conqueror of mountain slopes and peaks began to symbolize superiority over all. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the idea of ​​fertility, the goat embodied the cult of bread in some countries. Most likely, this was the reason why the stubborn horned animal was often depicted on the signs of medieval taverns. Subsequently, overgrown with legends, the goat became a symbol of hard beer. In fact, this association is still alive today. No wonder a logo with this animal is often chosen by brewing companies, pubs, and other gastronomic establishments with a medieval concept.

Who uses it?

The goat is the corporate sign of the Koln football club. A simple silhouette of an animal’s head is used by the Goat Agency in New York. Glasses and a raised eyebrow add the necessary emotions to the symbol. For the Goat Games logo, the symbol of the animal's horn was stylized: the drawing forms a figure that resembles the head of a goat from afar.

Which elements to choose?

For a logo with a goat, a detailed traced image of an animal, a simple silhouette, or a “portrait” with recognizable elements are chosen. A logo includes primarily horns and a characteristic beard. Details indicating the specifics of the brand – for example, a beer mug – are often added to the image of the goat. When working on a logo, it is important to avoid repeating ideas that other brands have implemented. To do this, try different options for drawing, creating the silhouette of an animal from abstract elements, and other techniques.

Which colors to choose?

The color scheme for a logo with a goat depends on the corporate identity and direction of the brand. For example, beer manufacturers often choose colors in the brown-yellow spectrum and repeat the features of the wood texture. Thus, they evoke associations with a classic draught drink. In other situations, you can work with the natural colors of goat hair: white, gray, black, and their shades. If the silhouette of a goat is chosen for the logo, it is sufficient to select 1-2 primary colors.

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