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Symbolic meaning

The giraffe symbolizes luck, happiness, prosperity, and wealth. In the culture of African countries, the noble image of a giraffe is used as a talisman to protect oneself from troubles. The long neck of the animal is associated with a desire to reach certain heights. A non-standard appearance, calm and gentle disposition, natural grace, and attractive face – all this has inspired the development of logos for different brands: from international IT companies to children's creative studios.

Carolina Tarheels Logo
Adventures Africa Logo
Baby Babble Logo
Giraffe Conservation Foundation Logo

Giraffe Software Logo

Who uses it?

In the logo of the Ukrainian software developer Giraffe Software, the first letter of the name “G” is depicted as a curved giraffe’s neck. The logo of the Giraffe Internet provider features a simple animal silhouette. An interesting logo was developed for the Giraffe Childcare Administration: Using the contours of the two letters “F”, the company painted the heads of the animals with long necks. A simple one-color silhouette of the animal's head is depicted on the logo of the company Giraffe Strategy. A giraffe with two kids sitting on its back is depicted on the logo of the early education center Giraffe Laugh.

Giraffe Childcare Administration Logo
Giraffe Strategy Logo
Giraffe Laugh Logo

Which elements to choose?

The main emphasis in the design of the logo with a giraffe is the animal’s long neck. This is the most recognizable element. However, it is not the only one. A head with distinctive ears and horns, as well as unique spots on the skin, create direct associations with the animal. Any element can be used to create a logo. Some brands’ symbols correspond to the modern trend: These are simple silhouettes, abstractions, or minimalistic combinations of symbols with letters. The image of a giraffe is difficult to confuse with other animals, so any visual experiments are allowed.

Giraffe Insights Logo
Giraffe Designs Logo
Giraffe Kids Wear Logo
Giraffe Logo Logo

Zoo Reserve Logo

Which colors to choose?

An obvious solution for a logo with a giraffe is to use the animal’s natural colors. This is a combination of sand, golden, or light brown shades, with distinctive spots. If the logo is minimalistic, you can choose one basic color: yellow or golden. However, there are no hard-and-fast restrictions. Even if the logo with the giraffe is green, black, or blue, the image will still be recognizable. Therefore, you can choose corporate colors for a corporate sign.

Giraffe Optic Logo
Hannover Logo
Sprox Logo

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Round Giraffe Logaster logo
Aerobics Logaster logo
Desert Logaster logo
Giraffe Kids Logaster logo
Giraffe Logaster logo
Green Tea Logaster logo
Leaflet Logaster logo
Mirage Logaster logo
Runner Logaster logo
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