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Symbolic meaning

A frog is associated with a fairly large number of qualities. In the cultures of different nations, its image is interpreted as a symbol of wealth, good luck, renewal, and reincarnation. Other meanings are well-being, health, and patronage of all travelers. In modern logos, the image of a frog is used based on these values. The frog is a recognizable symbol that is quickly remembered, which is important for most brands operating in a highly competitive environment.

Big Frog Logo
Frogasia Logo
Frog Fitness Logo
Froggy Logo

Rain Forest Alliance Logo

Who uses it?

A green “humanized” frog is the logo and symbol of the Czech plumbing brand Ravak. The company managed to make the logo recognizable and achieve the right associations. A green frog is also depicted on the logo of the RFA non-profit organization. It symbolizes ecological balance: Only responsible manufacturers can add this logo to their products. A minimalistic black and white image of a frog is drawn on a logo for the Bullfrog brand perfume. Cute frog characters in the images of a boy and a girl are placed on the logo of the frozen yogurt brand Sweet Frog.

Ravak Logo
Bullfrog Logo
Sweet Frog Logo

Which colors to choose?

The most obvious option for a frog logo is to use shades of green. However, if this color scheme does not match the brand style, other ideas can be implemented. The shape of the frog is easy to recognize, so some companies use minimalistic black and white options or neutral silhouettes. It is possible to use bright shades to emphasize the mood and make the logo recognizable. If you analyze popular examples, you will see that logo developers use combinations of dark and light shades of green and blue, or black and white colors.

Frogbikes Logo
Golden Frog Logo
Green Frog Logo
Peeping Frog Logo

Frog Street Logo

General recommendations

A frog logo is suitable for different brands. Therefore, it can be stylized in accordance with the direction of the company. For example, it can be used for an entertainment niche, restaurant business, or creative business. If this is a classic business line, it is better to use a traditional image. It can be detailed or abstract; the main thing is that the frog on the image should be easily recognized. You can use such elements as the head of a frog, a distinctive long tongue, or legs. These options are especially appropriate when combining text and images in the logo. It is even better if the name contains the word “frog.”

Red Frogs Logo
Screaming Frog Logo
Talkpad Logo

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