Symbolic meaning

Like in the old days, a fox is widely associated with astuteness, hypocrisy, trickery, and treachery. At the same time, people have always respected this red-tailed animal for its intelligence.

What industries use?

Despite its mostly negative connotations, a fox is one of the most common mascots found on corporate designs. On a logo, the animal says that the company is proud of its smart employees that can face any challenges and overcome any difficulties. Law firms and notaries are particularly fond of this cunning beast. Furthermore, a fox is an ideal choice for sports clubs, pubs, restaurants, stores, and even military departments. Charismatic and mysterious, a fox won’t leave your audience indifferent!

How to choose the right elements?

When employing a fox icon on your corporate logo, make sure it has enough space left around it. Plus, avoid putting a dodger inside a geometric shape. Let your red mascot be the center of attention it deserves! When choosing the right font, focus on intricate yet legible options. Our tip is to stick with the animal’s natural color. Red and orange come in multiple hues urging you to unlock your experimental potential. As for the background color, consider using black or blue. These shades are good at accentuating the saturated color of a fox’s furry coat.

What companies use?

Some established brands using a fox in their corporate identity include Mozilla Firefox, Fox Racing Shox, Fox Chapel Publishing, and Black Foxes of Rugby League, to name a few.

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