Symbolic meaning

In the Eastern countries, a multi-ton animal is associated with wisdom, strength, and prudence. Here, as well as on the African continent, the elephant is a sign of the king, distinguishing it from mere mortals by the presence of wisdom, intelligence, and patience.

What industries use?

Most often, an elephant is depicted on the emblems of large companies engaged in cargo transportation, as it indicates that there are no restrictions in tonnage and volumes of cargo transported. Sometimes the logo is used by travel agencies offering trips to countries where this exotic animal lives. In some cases, the logo is used and without any semantic load, for example, the grill bar White Elephant.

How to choose the right elements?

Since there are no dynamics and grace, it can be limited to frames and straight lines. In most cases, the emblem is designed in a rectangular or square shape, depending on how the elephant on the logo is depicted: entirely or only the head. The color load, as practice shows, can be the most diverse. The main thing is not to overdo it. Try to use company colors of your company, if they are not available you can use the original color of the animal or variations on this topic.

What companies use?

Animal Planet uses an elephant to convey the image of the wildlife while Evernote stylized the ear for paper bookmarking; Caparol filled the black animal with colorful stripes with a tassel on its tail, and Pink Elephant incorporates a playful pink sign as the corporate identity of the network of travel agencies.

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