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Symbolic meaning

The image of a dragonfly has been associated with a large set of qualities for a long time. The specific meaning depends on the culture of each nation. In general, a dragonfly is associated with elegance, revival, courage, swiftness, happiness, good luck, and the ideal of beauty and tranquility. This symbol has no negative qualities in modern interpretation. When developing a dragonfly logo, you can take any of these values into account; the main thing is that the logo is consistent with the overall goal and professional direction of the brand.

Dragonfly Club Logo
Dragonfly360 Logo
Dragonfly Coffee House Logo
Dragonfly Design Logo

Dragonfly China Logo

Who uses it?

The Estonian airline Nordic Aviation uses a dragonfly as a corporate symbol. The dragonfly replaces the letter “i” in the text version of the logo. This insect is also depicted on the logo of the Chinese company Dragonfly, operating in the educational services market. A white silhouette of an insect on a black background was drawn for the logo of the English IT brand Dragonfly. This flying insect is also depicted on the Dragonfly Productions logo.

Nordic Aviation Logo
Dragon Fly Logo
Dragonfly Productions Logo

Which elements to choose?

A dragonfly logo, in most cases, is based on a recognizable insect body pattern: It can be depicted in detail or a minimalistic style, depending on the brand concept. You can also use the central element separately: four distinctive elongated wings. The image of a dragonfly is often combined with text logos, replacing letters or simply being implemented into a general style. Detailing of the image depends on the features of the company. For example, you will need to emphasize the grace and lightness of the insect for the logo of a flower company.

Dragonfly Event Designs Logo
Dragonfly Landworks Logo
Nature Boutique Logo
Dragonfly Organizing Solutions Logo

Dragonfly Media Logo

General recommendations

You can choose any color scheme for a dragonfly logo. It is not necessary to focus on the natural colors of these insects. The image is already recognizable, so there are simply no restrictions in terms of color. A dragonfly symbolizes movement, so the logo depicting it is perfect for transport companies, as well as for brands aimed at rapid development. Another association is beauty, grace, and lightness. Such a logo is recommended for salons, studios, and cosmetic brands. Given the versatility of the symbol, the image of a dragonfly will be appropriate in the logos of construction companies, residential complexes, restaurants, etc.

Dragonfly Transparent Logo
Dragonfly Wine Logo
FuzionSource Logo

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