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Symbolic meaning

A multi-layered and sophisticated symbol, a dragon is considered a binding thread between the spiritual and the material worlds. This incredible creature has borrowed some features from snakes and birds.

Dragons Kung Fu Logo
Dragons Logo
Success Dragon Logo
Victoria Dragons Logo

Dragon Band Logo

What industries use?

Dragons reveal major cultural differences between East and West. While fearless knights in Western Europe fought flying snake with their swords, Easterners honored them and celebrated their beauty and wisdom. It’s not surprising that Asian companies and enterprises are the biggest fans of dragon logos. However, in the context of globalization, Western brands have borrowed the image of the immortal snake and adapted it to their needs. Nowadays, sports clubs, software developers, and restaurants often choose a dragon to express their brand personality.

Ink Dragon Logo
Fire Dragons Logo
Junior Dragons Den Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Untamed and willful, a dragon loves to dominate. Don’t clutter your design with excessive elements. Nothing must distract your audience from the protagonist of your emblem. To craft a balanced color palette, play around with red, yellow, orange, green, golden, blue, white, and black. A symbol of infinity and rebirth, a circle will reinforce the connotations of a dragon.

Shanghai Dragons Logo
Drachen Cross Fit Logo
Dragons Logo
Imperial Dragons Logo

Dragon Oil Logo

What companies use?

Dragon Oil, Mortal Kombat, Iron Dragon roller coaster, Dragon Age, and Bakersfield Dragons each has managed to capture the essence of a dragon symbol and designed stunning emblems.

Mortal Kombat X Logo
Bakersfield Dragons Logo
Dragon Age Logo

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