Symbolic meaning

Friendly and helpful, a dolphin is widely associated with love, care, speed, and assistance. This sea mammal has saved thousands of human lives! A dolphin is believed to unite the world of humans and that of sea creatures.

What industries use?

In 99% of cases, if you see a mammal on a logo, you’re dealing with a fishery, yacht club, aquarium or water park. If your business has nothing to do with sea or ocean, you’re unlikely to choose a dolphin as the protagonist of your logo. However, some companies (seafood restaurants, mostly) have managed to make a mammal an organic part of their brand personality. If you’re the owner of a family café, depicting a smiling baby dolphin on your logo also sounds like a good idea.

How to choose the right elements?

When working on your logo design, say “no” to frames. Used to swimming free in the ocean, a dolphin enjoys its freedom and hates the feeling of being caged. It’s much better to imitate an unfinished composition allowing your audience to use their imagination and complete the picture in their minds. A dolphin is all about clean transparent water, light breeze, and endless sky. When creating a color scheme for your emblem, focus on multiple shades of blue (azure, cerulean, indigo, etc.). Consider adding white and green.

What companies use?

A mammal has become an ideal mascot for such brands as Miami Dolphins, The Marine Conservation Society, Dolphin Group Realty, and Dolphin Studio. By looking at these emblems, you can't help but want your own design!

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