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Symbolic meaning

The common cardinal bird is a traditional and irreplaceable symbol of Christmas in Western culture. It is the official symbol of seven U.S. states. It is also well-known and respected in Canadian culture. The popularity of these birds in North America is so great that the image of a cardinal is actively used in several areas, especially for branding sports teams. A logo with a red cardinal should be chosen by companies that position their business in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico or that are focused on this audience. Branding Christmas products with this symbol will be a great decision.

Johnson City Cardinals Logo
Arizona Cardinal Logo
Cardinal Ball State Logo
Cardinal Cleaning Logo

Louisville Cardinals Logo

Who uses it?

An American distributor of medicine has a well-known version of a cardinal logo. The Cardinal Health logo depicts seven curved red lines symbolizing a cardinal’s wings. Another popular example is the computer game developer CD Projekt RED, which uses a stern common cardinal in its logo. The Louisville Cardinals logo is a symbol of the sports team of the same name. It depicts the head of a bird, which reflects the determination of the team. A bird sitting on a baseball bat is also a well-known logo of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cardinal Pealth Logo
Cd Projekt Red Logo
St Louis Cardinals Logo

Which colors to choose?

Almost all logos with a cardinal are made using a bright range of red and sometimes pink shades. Black or dark blue colors are used to tint the distinctive part of the bird’s head, while yellow shades are used for the beak. The classic color option rarely changes: The image of the common cardinal is considered canonical, and color is one of the important associated features. Even in abstract stylizations, logos are mainly red. The same rule applies to text logos.

Cardinal Wing Logo
Cardinal Dental Logo
Cardinal Heating Air Logo
Cardinal Logo

Cardinal Services Logo

Which elements to choose?

A cardinal logo is based on several recognizable elements. The first is the image of a bird. The second is a distinctive color. The third is a head with a special crest, a dark “mask,” and a short, rounded beak. Because a logo with cardinals is popular and used by dozens of brands, the bird often shows some emotions to look unique. This approach is especially good when you are developing a logo for a sports team. As for clothing brands, turning a common cardinal into a character is a great solution.

Cardinal Ministry Logo
Cardinal Vending Logo
Mapua Cardinals Logo

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