Symbolic meaning

Birds symbolize peace, freedom, and happiness. Often images of birds can be seen in compositions related to comfort, love, and family. At the same time, predatory representatives serve as a symbol of strength, power, and purposefulness in a number of creative projects.

How to choose the right elements?

Drawing ideas from the world of nature, many designers use images of birds to create a logo. The design of the logo depends on the perception of its designer. The bird can be depicted in its entirety or only its specific part - wing, head or shadow. It should also be noted that in some cases fantastic images of a winged creature resembling a bird can be used. Birds on logos can be different in color, often use: red, black, blue, yellow and green. Depending on the meaning of the logo which must be conveyed, designers can bravely combine several colors and fonts.

What companies use?

The emblem on which the bird is depicted is meaningful, pleasing to the eye and easy to remember. Looking at the logo of the world-famous brands producing Nestle products and Twitter social network, we can conclude that they were not wrong!

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