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Steps to Becoming a Successful Student Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a special part of society that brings innovation to life and develops an advanced economy. If the stratum of entrepreneurs is narrow enough, then this is the fault of society – the art of successful entrepreneurship needs to be taught.

Is it possible to ask someone to teach you how to be an entrepreneur, or will you have to master everything on your own? Entrepreneurial activity is quite complex and multifaceted, and the key issue today is getting the right education that will help you understand the main legal, tax, and other issues. 

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  1. Can any student become an entrepreneur?
  2. 7 things you should know as a student entrepreneur
  3. Conclusion

Can any student become an entrepreneur?

Most often, a student starting a business has knowledge in a particular professional area and production experience. Practice shows that this is not enough to be a successful leader. Admittedly, not each school can teach you entrepreneurship. This is difficult to learn in theory – you need constant practice.

However, it is worth asking the question, can any student become an entrepreneur? Any student can potentially become an entrepreneur since “entrepreneurship learning” can be viewed as a separate discipline with its own subject. An educational task is set in the learning process: to attract young people to entrepreneurship. Young people should also learn that in life, everyone has a chance to express himself or herself, and whether or not to do so depends on personal choice.

Training courses 

Typically, you can find a very large selection of specialized books in bookstores. In this variety, the ability to navigate in lots of literature is first of all important, and this is often very difficult. In addition, reading literature is a long-term occupation, and not every book is worth the time spent. If you still chose this path, then study the reviews in advance to familiarize yourself with the content and quality of each book. Ask for advice from people who really understand this.

In addition, there is still a lot of training courses – however, as a rule, they are quite expensive, and they do not give any guarantees of your subsequent success. Therefore, this question remains at your own risk.

More practice!

Communication and books are not enough to become a top entrepreneur. You need to turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills and abilities. Try to do something yourself. Do not be afraid of mistakes – they are inevitable anyway. Over time, you will begin to think like an entrepreneur, calculate the results of your actions, like an entrepreneur, and you will form a completely new mentality. You can’t become an entrepreneur in one day. It will take a while to get out of the usual way of thinking of an employee. But believe me when I say that it’s worth it!

Get specialized education

At the same time, the task of stimulating entrepreneurship is indirectly solved with the help of such an organization of the educational process (primarily in the field of higher education), in which students receive not only fundamental theoretical knowledge but also experience in their practical application. The “entrepreneurial approach” (i.e., independence and professionalism) turns out to be “embedded” in the training system itself. Professional training in itself is not enough; an entrepreneur is a person of a certain mindset. However, all skills and ideas can be acquired and then successfully implemented. Many successful entrepreneurs admit that they did not even imagine that their endeavors would lead to visible results.

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7 things you should know as a student entrepreneur

As a student, it’s easy to dream of becoming the new Zuckerberg and conquering the world, but it’s not easy to achieve such ambitions. I want to share popular misconceptions among aspiring entrepreneurs and give advice to those looking to combine business and study.

Don’t expect to drop out of university

  • I will be the next Bill Gates.
  • I’ll create a great product and then drop out of university.

Every student entrepreneur has said this at one time or another. Few people can just drop out and create successful organizations. One of the best choices is to finish your study. Quitting university is not the best option to start a successful startup.

Startup culture is embellished in many ways

Startup success is now being judged under the wrong, overly glamorous, and embellished scope.

  • Is this the next Google?
  • Will he become a unicorn?
  • Did they attract 100 thousand new users in six months?

Student entrepreneurs easily fall for all these ambitious ideas about how to become fabulously rich and famous by starting a startup. But this attitude will not bring any value to your customers. What is the mission of your startup: to bring you fame or change the world?

Focus on the startup’s vision, and its qualities and success will come on its own.

Be persistent

Spend enough time for your business every day. It doesn’t matter if you need to submit a project or have an exam the next day. Give your startup at least 1% of your attention every day. It will not develop itself.

If you are planning to develop a successful company, you need to understand that this is not some kind of side project.

No one will steal your ideas

Student entrepreneurs often worry that someone will steal their startup idea. The point is that ideas without a plan of action are useless on their own. You can tell everyone that you are programming a new search engine that will be better than Google, but until you tell how you write the algorithm for this, no one will be interested.

On the contrary, you need to share ideas. This is the only way to improve them.

Competition is good

Competition is inevitable, and there are three reasons why this is good:

  • Your competitors can make mistakes before you. Learn from them.
  • If other companies are developing in the same market as you, then it is promising.
  • Competition is a reason to improve a company’s offer.

Therefore, do not panic if you suddenly find out that you have a competitor.

Don’t do it all yourself

Nobody can do everything by himself or herself. At the very beginning, you should learn everything on your own: frontend development, marketing, finance, etc. However, you will quickly realize that you don’t have enough time and the ability to do your job in a proper way. You need to delegate tasks and hire employees. It’s a little weird to hire someone to your team as a student, but it’s necessary. You need someone’s help.

They like to help students 

Many businessmen say that you are lucky to be a student and develop a business because you have access to various resources (internship, seminars), which they do not have. Moreover, these founders would hardly have spoken to you if you weren’t a student.

They are right: many things are free for students. Universities provide young entrepreneurs with resources to get started.


I hope that these tips were helpful to you. By following them, you can achieve high results in entrepreneurship being a student. However, remember that these results require a change in outlook, attitude, and habits. Being a student entrepreneur is a global challenge, but I believe you can do this!


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