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Read about world famous logos. Follow the 200-year evolution of global logos.

The CBS Logo

The CBS broadcasting company started out as United Independent Broadcasting, a small radio broadcasting organization. Now, however, CBS has grown to become the 2nd largest broadcasting company in the world […]

The WB Logo

The popular company Warner Bros. was actually formed in 1903 by four Jewish brothers who had recently emigrated from Poland. From this humble beginning, WB has come to stand for […]

The DreamWorks Logo

While most companies start from humble beginnings and work their way up, the DreamWorks entertainment company actually started with some serious power behind it. Steven Spielberg, Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg […]

The UPS Logo

Started in 1907 with a $100 dollar loan, UPS was once nothing more than a small company in a dingy basement. Today however, UPS has grown to become one of […]