The Starbucks Logo

Founded a tiny little shop in Seattle during the 1970’s, Starbucks has grown to become the largest coffeehouse company in the world. People from the United States all the way to mainland China are able to instantly recognize the distinctive green logo of the Starbucks Company. Starbucks used to only sell high-quality coffee beans and associated equipment but the company has really branched out from there. From scones to cappuccinos to desserts, their menu is constantly growing. Starbucks currently dominated the coffee market and is sure to be a powerhouse for many years to come. One factor that has favorably affected Starbuck’s sales is the distinctiveness of their logo. The enigmatic woman on the green background is easily recognizable throughout the world and is sure to be the first thing that people think of when they want their coffee fix. Anyone who wants to create their own logo should consider the interesting story and evolution of this famous logo.

The Siren

The name Starbucks actually comes from the name of the first mate in the novel “Moby Dick.” In order to try and capture the spirit and adventure of the high seas, the original founders decided that Starbuck was a name that truly evoked mystery and excitement. In order to further that nautical focus, they chose a stylized siren as their logo. The siren was meant to symbolize the draw of great coffee much like the sirens tempted Odysseus, and further entice customers to try Starbucks famous coffee.

Logo#2 A Modest Siren

In 1987 several changes were made to the siren image. First her hair was used to cover up her formerly bare breasts for the sake of modesty. Then the logo focused exclusively on her upper body as opposed to showing the entirety of her. The biggest change of course, one that remains to this day, was the color change from brown to green. This was meant as a nod to the school colors of one of the original founders.

Current Logo

In 2011, Starbucks settled on the logo that is still in use today. This logo is much less stylized then the previous generations and focuses solely on the enigmatic face of the siren. The colors have also been blended in order to produce a more pleasing color scheme. Overall, however, the logo has remained largely similar to its original.

Why the Siren Works

The brand recognition of the mysterious siren cannot be overstated. People in dozens of countries can instantly recognize the logo and know that there is great coffee to be had there. This sort of brand recognition is vitally important as a sign of success. This logo probably is so effective because it is so distinctive.

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