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How to Share Your Logo with Colleagues

Let’s face it. When it comes to your newly created logo, it’s really hard to be objective. Before purchasing your finished icon, you may want to ask your friends and colleagues for advice or just post it on your social media for everyone to weigh in on.

How to share a logo created on the new version of the website

1. Log in to your account on the Logaster website and select the logo you want to Logaster

2. Click the “Preview” Logaster

3. Click “Share logo” button. by Logaster

4. Now, when the sharing feature is activated, click on the “Copy” icon to get the logo link and send it to the user through private messages. by Logaster

5. Or click on one of the social network icons: Facebook, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Pinterest to share the link of the brand with your friends. Users will be able to open the link in the browser and see your logo on the real Logaster

How to share a logo created on the old version of the website

1. Log in on Logaster.

2. Click on the “Share” icon on your logo page to open a new window with two link fields.

How to share logo with colleagues-1
The “Share” icon is also available for every logo in “My Designs” tab.

How to share logo with colleagues-2
3. Copy your logo URL and send it to your friends and colleagues.

By clicking on other icons, you can share your design on your social media.

How to share logo with colleagues-3

We hope that this new option will be of use to you and make working with Logaster even more enjoyable. Creating amazing icons and sharing them with your friends has never been easier!

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