What Does BMW Logo Really Mean?

The BMW logo, roundel or emblem is certainly one of the world's most recognized symbols. It has always featured the famous circular design with the letters BMW at the top of the outer ring. The inner colors of blue and white are also the Bavarian State colors.

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NBC Logos: From Microphone to Peacock

NBC is known for its colorful peacock emblem. However, the beautiful bird has not always graced the logo of the telecom giant. Over the years, the brand has overhauled its brand identity more than once. Read on to find out more! About the NBC first logoLogo evolutionHow would NBC logo look like if it were […]

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JCPenney Logo: When Brand Identity Changes Can Do Harm

A major American retailer, JCPenney has had a record number of logos over the years. However, constant shifts and changes have played a nasty trick on the company reputation. Read on to find out why “new” doesn’t always mean “better”.   JCPenney backstoryLogo evolutionHow would JCPenney logo look like if it were made in Logaster? JCPenney […]

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Designing a Logo: Understanding the Basics

A logo is the visual representation of a company, group, organization, or entity. It is usually the first thing that people encounter so it is important that your logo makes a great first impression, helping you establish the kind of brand identity you want. Since a logo is very important, you have to spend ample […]

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Kool-Aid Logo: Power of Consistency

Kool-Aid has long become a household name for mouth-watering flavored drinks. Over nearly 100 years, the company has only had three rebrandings. Read on to find out how loyalty and consistency can help your business achieve new heights. How it startedLogo evolutionHow would Kool-Aid logo look like if it were made in Logaster? How it […]

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HBO Logo: The Power of Consistency

HBO is the oldest premium television network in the US. Despite all challenges and hardships, the company has managed to build a strong customer following. One of the factors behind HBO’s success is its potent logo that has remained unchanged since 1980.  BackstoryLogo evolutionHow would HBO logo look like if it were made in Logaster? […]

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Doritos Logo: Crispy Branding

If a company that has a widely recognizable visual symbol, it can afford the luxury of not mentioning its brand name when promoting its products. The audience can easily identify a brand by simply looking at its emblem! In this post, we want to share with you the incredible story of the Doritos brand. Company […]

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YMCA Logo: The Power of Triangle

The YMCA logo is recognized by 97% of Americans. Over more than 150 years, this youth organization has gained recognition and respect not only in the US, but all over the globe. In this post, we’ll talk about the symbolism behind the YMCA emblem. Story behind YMCA and its first logoLogo evolutionHow would YMCA logo […]

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Pampers Logo: From Red to Blue

Over several decades, Pampers remains one of the biggest producers of baby and toddler products. Did you know that the company logo has only changed 4 times over the course of 60 years? Explore the secrets of the Pampers brand identity with us! First emblemLogo evolutionHow would Pampers logo look like if it were made […]

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Nintendo Logo: How Japanese Brand Conquered The World

The name “Nintendo” speaks for itself. The renowned video game producer is enjoying a global fame. But we can bet you didn’t know that the brand started out in the 19th century as a playing cards manufacturer. In this post, we’ll talk about how the Japanese giant has managed its brand identity over the years.   […]

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Brand Identity Lessons from ExxonMobil: How To Do Smart Rebranding

ExxonMobil Corporation, a major American oil and gas company, has lived through several reorganizations and rebrandings. It remains one the strongest oil giants in the international market. Read about how the brand structure and logo have evolved over the years.  Company backstoryLogo evolutionHow would ExxonMobil logo look like if it were made in Logaster? Company […]

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Domino’s Logo: What Domino Has To Do With Pizza

Domino’s is the biggest pizza restaurant chain with a vast network of outlets all over the globe. In this post, we’ll talk about why the company uses domino as its symbol and what the three dots on its logo mean.  Meaning behind Domino’s logoLogo evolutionLogo designWhy Domino’s logo worksHow would Domino’s logo look like if […]

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Discovery Logo: The Evolution of The Famous Globe

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t watched the Discovery channel at least a few times in their life. Over 35 years, the company has redesigned its corporate image as many as 9 times. Read on to find out how Discovery has managed to stay loyal to its visual concept.  About the first Discovery […]

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Bank of America Logo: From Monogram to American Flag

Bank of America is the second largest financial institution in the USA. One of the things that contributed greatly into the brand recognition is its patriotic logo. From this article, you’ll learn how the company symbol has changed over the years.   Meaning behind the logoLogo evolutionHow would Bank of America logo look like if it […]

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Dead On Target: Success Story Behind Target Logo

Want to create an easily identifiable logo? Make it clean. This is exactly what Target, a major mass-merchandise retailer, did with its emblem. The Target logo was ranked among the world’s most recognizable emblems. Learn why the company’s corporate identity has been a huge success for more than 50 years now. Logo evolutionSecrets of successful […]

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