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Real estate company names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Names & Logos of Real Estate Companies
  2. How to create a real estate logo

Any business needs a good name to emphasize and boost its identity. Realty companies are no exception. The way your name sounds and resonates with your customers can be a major factor in your brand’s success. To come up with a creative, catchy name, you should analyze your competitors’ choices to get perspective and avoid repetition.

Real estate agency names fall into three major categories. The first category features words directly related to housing, such as “house”, “apartment”, “housing”, “realty”, and “estate.” The second category features variants that merely hint at their connection to the industry, for example, “city“, “quarter”, “address”, and the names of popular streets and districts. Finally, the third category has nothing to do with the places and conditions in which people live. This is where you can let your imagination fly and craft a creative name for your company. Make sure it’s short and appealing.

Create a short list of options that sound good to your ear. Get your colleagues’ or friends’ input by asking them which option they like best. In addition, check out variants already in use (see below). Weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that does justice to your agency.

Names & Logos of Real Estate Companies



realty, estate, agency, house, apartment, city, quarter, housing, building, rent.

How to create a real estate logo

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