Put logo creation wizard on your own website and earn money on it.

We are more than happy to announce Logaster Special widget for your site.
It will allow your customers to get the logo without leaving your site!

How does it works?

  • We’ll provide some code snippet for you.
  • You’ll put it into your website and every your visitor will have possibility to create logo directly on your website.
  • Save logo button will redirect customer to our website.
  • We’ll care about payments and support.
  • You’ll get 30% of every payment.

1st step. Signup as Affiliate.

(You can find step-by-step guide here)
Skip this step if you already have an affiliate account.

2nd step. Follow these instructions

3d step. Past widget code and earn money.

You can offer your customers your own logo generator. On your own website. With your own design.
Take a look to example screenshots

Do you have any questions? Send us an email to marketing@logaster.com

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