How to make payment and download products created by Logaster?

The article contains instructions on how to make a payment and download products for the old and new version of the website


  1. How to choose a logo for payment?
  2. What tariff plan is up to you?
  3. I have already chosen a tariff plan, how to pay it?
  4. How to download products after payment?
  5. How to make a payment and download products created on the old version of the Logaster.

How to choose a logo for payment

1. To choose a logo for payment, log in to your personal account on the Logaster website.

2. On the login page, enter the username and password that you used for registration, or log in using any social network.

3. After logging in, you will be taken to the brands’ page. Choose your favorite design and click on the “Visit a brand page”.

4. On the logo page you will see 6 variants of  layout:

  • on a white background;
  • corporate background;
  • black and white logo;
  • inversion;
  • the logo on a transparent background.

For information on how and where to use these versions of logos, read the description under each heading.

5. To purchase the logo in full-size format (2000×2000 px), click “Download logos”. How to select a suitable tariff, read in the next subsection. If you have already chosen a suitable plan, go to “How to pay for the logo”.

6. Download a small logo in PNG format without watermarks for free to see how the logo will look on your computer.


What tariff plan is up to you?

Logaster offers a choice of 4 tariff plans, including a free one.

1. XS plan-logo for the screen: allows you to download 2 full-size logos with vertical layout of elements in PNG, JPG formats. These logos can be used on the Internet: on the website (logo with transparent background), on social networks, to create advertising banners, in videos, and watermarks for pictures.

2. The S plan includes all the files that are in the XS package plus the files to be printed:

  • 6 layout and 5 color scheme options – a total of 30 logo variants.
  • PNG, JPEG files for Internet use: websites (on transparent background), social networks, advertising banners, videos, watermarks, etc.
  • PDF, SVG files for large-format color printing on promotional products, Souvenirs, advertising banners, billboards, flyers with the ability of editing on your computer.
  • Sets for branding on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn.
  • You can create business cards for employees of your company. Ready-made files optimized for printing in vector (SVG and PDF) and raster (PNG) formats. This tariff plan is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

3. You can also download a free logo in a small resolution without watermarks to, For example, see how your new logo will look on the site; as for the comparison of fares,  you can find it at the pricing page.

All users, regardless of their tariff plan, are available to:

I have already chosen a tariff plan, how to pay it?

1. You can pay for the products by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal.

2. On the tariff plans page, click “Buy now”.

3. Fill in the payment details on the payment page and click “Send”. You can choose any currency, the system will automatically convert your payment into US dollars.


How to download products after payment?

1. After purchase, you will be taken to the page of the paid logo. To download it, just click on the logo and choose the format – then, it will be downloaded automatically on your computer. The advantage of the tariff plan S is – the presence of a function that allows you to set your own logo size and download it in PNG format.

2. To download social media kits, click the Social media button on the left and select the social media branding kit: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn.

3. If you need to create business cards for several employees – use editing. Enter the data of the first employee on the business card, then save it and download it. After that, repeat the process, but with the data of the next employee. You can download a business card by simply clicking “Download”.

Please note that you can change the tariff plan at any time that is convenient for you, and you will not have to pay the full price, but only the difference. On how to change the tariff plan, please click here.

How to purchase and download your designs on the old version of Logaster website

1. Enter your company name and create a logo.

You want to download the logo, but you don’t know how to buy it.
Here is the step-by-step instructions for how to make a payment:

1. Create a logo or other products (business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc.).

2. Sign up. Enter your e-mail and password, or use your Google, Facebook, or Yahoo! account.

3. Now you should choose what product you want to buy:
– created single product such as logo or business card;
BrandKit. It is a design package that allows you to buy all at once – logo, business card, envelope and letterhead at a good price.

4. Click “Download” to buy a single product or “Buy” to purchase BrandKit.

If you buy a logo, you will also need to choose one of the options:
– Logo “For screen (png, jpeg – 1024px or 5000px)”. For websites, social networks, creation of banners and simple videos;
– Logo “For print and screen (svg, pdf, png, jpeg)”. For all occasions: high quality printing of business cards, outdoor advertising, souvenirs, and, of course, websites, social networks.

5. Select the payment method and enter your billing information.

6. Activate and download product after enrollment.

– After you bought separate product:
Go to product page, click “Download” and in the drop-down list, click “Activate”.

After this you can download files by clicking “Download” again.

– After you bought BrandKit you activated downloads – 1 download for each product (logo, business card, envelope, letterhead).

Go to the desired product page, e.g. business card. Click “Download” and in the drop-down list, click “Activate”.

You can download the logos in various formats and sizes.

Your designs are ready to use!

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