New Feature: Creating Envelopes

Now besides creating logos and business card designs, Logaster can help you with creating branded envelopes. All minimum set: logo, business cards and envelopes are available to Logaster users. In […]

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The Target Logo

Founded in 1903 as a tiny retail store in Minneapolis, the Target Company and brand has grown immensely. Now a high-ranking member of the esteemed Fortune 500, Target has locations […]

The MetLife Logo

Founded in 1863 as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company to insure Civil War soldiers, the Metropolitan Life insurance company has grown to become a true powerhouse in […]

The FedEx Logo

Started by a young entrepreneur in 1971, FedEx was once just a tiny delivery company. Now delivering millions of packages every year, FedEx has grown to become a powerhouse in […]

The CBS Logo

The CBS broadcasting company started out as United Independent Broadcasting, a small radio broadcasting organization. Now, however, CBS has grown to become the 2nd largest broadcasting company in the world […]

The WB Logo

The popular company Warner Bros. was actually formed in 1903 by four Jewish brothers who had recently emigrated from Poland. From this humble beginning, WB has come to stand for […]