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Online Store Name: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Online Store Names & Logos
  2. How to create a logo for your online store

It’s safe to say that a name determines the success of your online business. It has the power to set your store apart from the competition in terms of both branding and SEO.

The rule of a thumb here is to go for a short, concise word that evokes associations with what you’re selling (children’s items, electronics, clothing, interior design accessories, etc.). This will make it easier for customers to find your store in search engines. Use words that describe your industry. Don’t settle for anything that’s less than perfect to your ear. Explore existing online stores to avoid repetition. Copying the ideas of others won’t get you far.

Still at a loss? Don’t worry. All you need is a bit of inspiration. Take a look at the collection of effective names to figure out what your brand needs.

Online Store Names & Logos

online shop


purchase, payments, commerce, online, safety, top, guarantees, quality, sales, ranking, delivery, price, things, electronics, growth, profit.

How to create a logo for your online store

Make your e-commerce project memorable with a unique logo. Logaster has everything you need to convert your greatest ideas into reality. Experiment with colors, fonts, and arrangement until you craft a lock-in you’re happy with! Then download your freshly designed icon and use it as you please. Don’t waste another minute. Hit “Create Logo”!


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