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The NBC Logo

NBC current logo

NBC current logo

Throughout all of the logos that we’ve covered, we’ve seen many cases where the logos evolved from their originals into the ones that we recognize today. Some companies don’t find the logo their looking for on the first few tries, though. Sometimes, the logos look very different from each other throughout the years. This is the case with the famous network television channel NBC.

NBC has a lot of history, and it is known all over the world as a channel that has brought the world many quality television shows. Even the people who don’t know much about the NBC channel know about its famous programs such as Friends, ER, and Law & Order. What many people don’t know is that NBC had a long history even before the invention of TV.

The evolution and frequent changes in the NBC logo reflects the changes that the company itself went through on the way to becoming one of the largest entertainment names in the United States. That long history started on the radio.

Logo #1: The Radio Days

This is the first logo that NBC ever used. Back when NBC was exclusively in the radio business, this logo easily communicated to the public what the company did, and what they could expect from being NBC consumers. The logo showcased the fact that NBC was operating from coast to coast. For the early goals of NBC, this was an effective logo, but it would have to change when NBC started becoming more than just a radio channel.



Logo #2: The Early TV Days

NBC went through many different logos in its early days. One of the logos used to represent NBC was the chimes. These three bars, which set the stage for later more brightly-colored logos, were introduced shortly after the company was purchased by General Electric. This logo was used for many years, but it was eventually replaced by the logo that would still define NBC today.


Logo #3: The Peacock

NBC today is represented by several different logos, but most of them are variations on the Peacock, and include 6 colors. The original 3 colors that NBC used are now staggered throughout the new colors. The colors of the first peacock logo were matte, but NBC would eventually add a reflective shine to the colors to give the logo a 3D look.

The NBC logo has gone through many different changes as the company has developed from its origins to the large entertainment company that it is today. The peacock logo has lasted for nearly 30 years now, and will probably last many more years.

It is a logo that many people can recognize. It is so successful because NBC has spent a long time building its brand. It is also popular and easy to recognize because of the bright colors and the distinctive look. Anyone who is looking to build a strong logo could take some lessons from the way the NBC logo is designed, and how it has changed with the role of the company.


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  1. Scriber

    The second logo is very unnatural. For such a solid company that is unacceptable. Much nicer look the other logos. Rebrendering I think would be the best with a third goal. It looks easy, but very stylish. The other options I did not like. Many different colors are annoying. I think finding the perfect solution is still to come

  2. mona

    NBC is a well-known TV channel, its logo is recognizable throughout the world. It was very interesting to see transformation and evolution of its logo. First one looks a little bit strange and unusual, second one is better but too simple, and the third one resembling peacock tail looks really great.

  3. Bruce Graham

    Art Director John J. Graham and his team at NBC created the original NBC
    Peacock back in 1956. Others today have “Re-Designed” it, and are glad
    to take full credit as if they hatched the bird. A sign of the times.

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