Sub-Branding Explained From Scratch

If you’re planning to release a new product, attract a new segment of customers or reorganize your existing selection of products or services, you should consider sub-branding. Sub-branding refers to a business restructuring process when the main brand (mother brand) creates one or several subordinate brands. Read this quick guide to find out how your […]

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How to Attract New Customers and Boost Sales

Why is traditional marketing failing? How do you beat your competition? What does it take to build a strong brand? In the quest to find answers to these and other vital questions, we met with Jamie Turner, a globally recognized digital marketing expert. This article uses the quotes from Mr. Turner’s interview with Logaster, as […]

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Web Design Trends In 2021

Think of the number of websites you visit each day.  Whether they are already familiar to you or you’re exploring them for the first time, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see what you like and what you don’t.  You’ll know who has put the effort in and who relies on templates without […]

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How to Create and Register a Killer Domain Name

Did you know that a domain name can work wonders for your business, just like a magic wand? An aptly chosen domain name can help you boost your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, effectively introduce your business to new audiences, and more. Read this article to find out how to come up with […]

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How to Delete Your Social Media Accounts: 101 Guide

Social media platforms spy on users, collect and process their personal data, and negatively affect their mental health. As a social media user, you’ve probably been tempted to delete your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more than once. Is it possible to get a break from social media accounts or even get rid of […]

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Horror Movie Posters: 100 Years of Evolution

Horror films have always been a hit among moviegoers. Starting from the 20s of the XXth century, horror movie posters have undergone a major transformation. In this article, we’ll examine the cinematic industry for the best designer tools and techniques. And of course, you can’t miss our tips for creating a thrilling horror-themed poster of […]

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How to Use Glitch Art in Branding

Before diving on the topic, we want you to picture the so-called “noise” that you’ve certainly seen on a TV or computer screen. Inspired by this technical flaw, artists and designers have created an unusual design trend called “glitch art”.  Nowadays, this type of new media art is widely used not only by artists but […]

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Customer Testimonials Are The Best Promotion, or How to Start a Home Decor Business

Industry: Plant home decorCompany: MossimagPosition: Co-founderGeography: Romania “Do what you like, and you won’t have to work a single day in your life” —  this famous quote sums up an approach to business used by Anna Rozalia, the founder of Mossimag. Mossimag is a small business that deals with plant-based home decor. In an interview […]

How to Create an Engaging About Us Page

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce environment, building a profitable business involves offering high-quality products and services and nurturing customer trust. To appeal to customers, your company’s website needs a compelling About Us page. In addition to providing information about your products and services, a persuasive About Us page must also encourage trust between your company […]

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How to Create a Killer Music Album Cover

Why a cover is so importantWhere to startDesign elementsHow to create a cover A music album cover is not just a beautiful image. It’s a part of your brand. What colors and fonts to choose? How to draw in listeners on Apple Music and Spotify? What graphic design program to use? Read this complete guide […]

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Eco Branding: Why Your Business Needs It

What is eco branding?What sustainable brands doHow to create eco brandingSuccessful sustainable brands Nowadays, to be a successful brand, you need to think not only about profits but also about addressing relevant challenges. One of such challenges is climate change. A growing number of companies are joining forces to battle this problem by choosing the […]

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Business Cards in 2021: Current Trends and Smart Tips

Plastic, stamps, and gradients: Key trendsMinimalism and branding: Design tips What does it take to make a modern and creative business card? The secret to success is to use trendy techniques that will grab your audience’s attention and tell them about your brand. This article looks at the top business card design trends for 2021.  […]

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How to Create, Share, and Optimize Instagram Videos?

Instagram has over 500 million active users every day, making it the perfect platform to grow and come in front of the public’s eyes. New Instagram features like reels and updated tools in stories, have helped many users increase their reach over the platform.  Because of the new video features, users are becoming more addicted […]

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How to Protect Your Account: Smart Tips and Top 10 Worst Passwords

Did you know that cyber criminals are attacking 214 accounts every second? A reliable password is a surefire way to prevent cyberattacks and bolster your online account security. Let’s talk about the popular methods scammers are using to steal your personal data and how to beat hackers. Also, we’re going to look at the top […]

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10 Best On-Demand Printing Services

Best On-Demand Printing ServicesHow to choose a good printing service Looking for a lucrative business idea? How about selling clothing, accessories, and handcrafted items with your branded prints on them? To succeed in this niche, you’ll need to partner with a reliable on-demand printing service that will take care of printing and shipping products to […]

How to Determine a Selling Price for Your Product

5 factors that affect a product priceTwo common methods to price your productWhen should I adjust my pricing? How to calculate the optimal selling price for your product? What factors to consider? When is it OK to raise prices? These crucial questions pose a real challenge for beginning businessmen. However, product pricing doesn’t have to […]

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How to Sell Jewelry Online: A Guide to Success

Jewelry is among the top trending products to sell online. In this guide, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of how to tap into the peaking jewelry market. Read on to find out how to niche your product, choose the right selling platform, and reach out to a wide audience using a smart marketing strategy.  […]

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