Creating a Greeting Card: 5 Tips & 4 Services

7 Reasons to Send a Greeting Card5 Design Criteria for a Beautiful Greeting Card4 Online Card Makers Even in the digital age, people value postcards more than congratulations on social media as verified by 8 out of 10 respondents. To show your attention to business partners, customers, family, or friends, create a personalized greeting card. […]

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Square, Triangle, Circle: How the Logo Shape Affects Customers

CircleTriangleSquare and RectangularVertical and Horizontal LinesCurvesSpiral The researchers have found that the logo shape is enough to influence brand perception. Geometry can tell customers about the company’s values, products, and advantages. Let’s find out how to design your logo properly to attract customers. In this article, we’ll analyze the psychological background of various shapes and […]

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How much does a logo design cost in 2020?

Factors Influencing the Cost of the LogoFour Ways to Develop a LogoHow to Choose a Logo Creation Way? Nike’s logo cost only $35, while Pepsi paid $1 million for theirs. The cost of the logo is affected by many factors that are especially relevant for novice businessmen. Read our article to learn how much it […]

Adding Your Logo to a PowerPoint Presentation

Why Brand the Presentation and How to Do That?A Step by Step Guide on Placing the Logo on Each SlideFour Bonus Tips for the Presentation There are about 30 million PowerPoint presentations created daily in the world, and this number is constantly growing. To make your presentation stand out from the rest, take care of […]

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The Secret Power of Brand Mascots: Benefits, Tips & Examples

What Are Brand Mascots The Benefits of Using Brand Mascots16 Popular MascotsHow Do You Know Your Brand Needs a Mascot?What You Should Consider When Creating a Mascot The brands that use mascot characters are 50% more likely to get an emotional response from consumers. This is not just about entertainment: talismans can help you be in […]

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Finding a Remote Job: 14 resources + 3 Helpful Tips

What is a Remote JobA Freelance Career: Getting StartedOrder Search Services Freelancers amount to around 40% of the world’s workforce and earn more than office workers. Want to build a remote career? In this article, we’re going to tell you how to start and where to find your orders. What is a Remote Job Remote […]

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TOP 19 Esports Team Logos

The logos of esports teams are as creative as those of traditional sports clubs. The most trendy ones include unique monograms, animal mascots, playing with colors and shapes. Read this article to learn how the brand identities of popular esports teams were created and what meaning is hidden behind them. Team Liquid The history of […]

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11 Popular Minecraft Logos

From Nike to Instagram: The Overview of Minecraft LogosCreating a Logo for Your Minecraft Server with Logaster In Minecraft, participants build houses, cafes, offices, and even entire cities of blocks. There “live” famous characters and companies that we recognize by the logos. Want to create your own logo for the Minecraft server? In this article, […]

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Top 15 Computer Game Logos

Text-based logos are not necessarily boring. It has been proven by the creators of computer games that attract fans by both fascinating stories and creative branding. In this article, we are going to tell you about the techniques they use. Minecraft  All of the logo versions were “built” from cobblestones which are the main element […]

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Decorating Your Logo for Halloween: 5 Tips and Top 10 Icons

Why Update the Logo for HalloweenHow to Decorate the Logo for the HolidayWhat to Put on the Logo Holidays are a good chance to draw attention to the brand, strengthen the emotional relationship with customers, and increase sales. Use visual tools to achieve these goals by renewing your logo, the company’s most recognizable symbol. We’ve […]

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10 NBA Players’ Best Logos

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Penny Hardaway – the names of these and other top NBA players have evolved into independent brands with their own corporate identity. Their logos decorate running shoes and other sports outfits from Nike and Adidas. In this article, we are going to tell you how the iconic logos were created and […]

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Top 30 NBA Team Logos

Wolves, bears, deer, and dinosaurs are often the main symbols in sports branding. Behind every logo, there is an exciting story we are going to tell you today. Los Angeles Lakers In the late 40s, the team was named the Minneapolis Lakers because of the thousands of lakes that this area is famous for. Its […]

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Fans’ Influence on Brand Identity: The History of the Spider-Man Logo

The Logo’s History and MeaningThe Logo’s Evolution The Spider-Man brand has become one of Marvel’s best-selling comic book characters. It is recognized due to the bright symbol on his chest which has changed many times over several decades. The Logo’s History and Meaning Spider-Man (Peter Parker) appeared on the cover of the Amazing Fantasy magazine […]

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The Mystery of the Black Widow Logo

The History of the Logo The 2020 Black Widow Logo Review Five Useful Branding Techniques How is the Black Widow’s image connected to a red hourglass? The superhero team member’s logo has a hidden meaning and many associations. From this article, you will learn what the logo means and how to use its elements for business branding. […]

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The Batman Logo: How the Bat Transformed

The Logo Creation HistoryThe Logo’s Evolution in Movies and ComicsHow to Draw the Batman Logo Batman’s first mascot appeared more than 80 years ago and has survived about 30 transformations since then. In this article, we’ll tell you how the logo changed and why it always remained recognizable. The Logo Creation History Superhero Bruce Wayne […]

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The Wonder Woman Logo: From the Eagle to “W”

How They Created the Wonder Woman LogoThe Logo’s EvolutionHow to Draw the Logo When we see the stylized letter “W” we recollect Wonder Woman. This logo is one of the most famous signs of superheroes along with Batman’s bat and Superman’s “S”. In this article, we’ll tell you the history lying behind it. How They […]

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The Lord of the Rings Fonts Guide

The Trilogy’s Logo Graphics from Films, Posters, and Ads One of the iconic symbols of the film epic The Lord of the Rings is the unique yellow letters on the logo. However, it’s not the only recognizable element of branding. In this article, we’ll tell you what kind of graphic is used in the trilogy and […]

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