12 Killer Advertising Campaigns That Made History

What makes a classy advertising campaign12 examples of jaw-dropping ad campaigns A surefire way to come up with a compelling advertising campaign is by borrowing the best practices from top brands. In this article, we’ll go over 10+ revolutionary advertising campaigns that reshaped the advertising industry. Get armed with effective advertising techniques and leave your […]

How to Create an Awesome Banner for Your YouTube Channel

3 tools for creating a killer banner4 tips for designing a YouTube banner5 amazing YouTube banners If designed well, a banner can boost your YouTube channel big time. Among other things, a cool banner has the power to grab viewers’ attention, hint at the topic of your channel, and urge users to perform a certain […]

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How to Create a Stunning Slogan: 101 Guide

Slogan vs. motto vs. mission vs. USPTypes of slogansHow to create a neat slogan: Step-by-step step guide and common mistakes22 iconic slogans If we had to come up with a slogan for this article, we’d probably go for “100% Useful”. You’re reading a complete guide on crafting an effective slogan for your brand or product. […]

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11 Handwritten Fonts for Your Branding

11 Handwritten Fonts3 tips for choosing the best handwritten font A handwritten typeface is one of the staples of a friendly and accessible brand. Handwritten fonts give a more personalized look to your brand and forge trust with your target audience. We’ve put together a list of 11 high-end handwritten fonts that are sure to […]

The Power of Monochrome Palettes

What is a monochrome color scheme?Why use a monochrome palette?Why monochrome designs?Tips for creating a monochrome palette If you’re struggling with choosing an ideal color palette for your logo, website or packaging, we recommend using a monochrome scheme. A monochrome palette contains different shades of one and the same color. To put together a classy […]

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Love at First Sight: How to Wow Your Customers With Shipment Packaging

Considering how busy the average eCommerce business owner is, they probably look at the octopus – eight arms, nine brains – with envy. The to-do list simply never ends. You have the obligation of sourcing a great product, taking high-quality product photography and touching them up, catchy product description, competitive SEO, and don’t forget about […]

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Why Custom T-Shirts Work So Well As Promotional Products

When it comes to marketing, brands, agencies, and not-so-humble marketers are forever on the hunt for the next “best practice.” As our textbook definition of marketing—the processes that create, communicate, and deliver value for customers, clients, and partners—confronts our increasingly digital world, it all starts to look more and more dynamic. (1) However dynamic they […]

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Steps to Becoming a Successful Student Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a special part of society that brings innovation to life and develops an advanced economy. If the stratum of entrepreneurs is narrow enough, then this is the fault of society – the art of successful entrepreneurship needs to be taught. Is it possible to ask someone to teach you how to be an […]

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What is an IP Address and Why Should You Hide it?

Your IP address is a unique way to identify your computer or phone. It lets you use the internet, but there is also a privacy risk. This guide will explain what an IP address is, why you should hide it, and the best ways of doing it. What is an IP address? What can hackers […]

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The Pros and Cons of Franchising

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea to start your own business from scratch, you should consider franchising. Franchising is a business model in which a person or company (franchisee) purchases the right to use another person’s or company’s (franchisor) trade name and business system. Basically, a franchisee gets an easily recognizable brand and ready-made […]

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Sub-Branding Explained From Scratch

If you’re planning to release a new product, attract a new segment of customers or reorganize your existing selection of products or services, you should consider sub-branding. Sub-branding refers to a business restructuring process when the main brand (mother brand) creates one or several subordinate brands. Read this quick guide to find out how your […]

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How to Attract New Customers and Boost Sales

Why is traditional marketing failing? How do you beat your competition? What does it take to build a strong brand? In the quest to find answers to these and other vital questions, we met with Jamie Turner, a globally recognized digital marketing expert. This article uses the quotes from Mr. Turner’s interview with Logaster, as […]

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Web Design Trends In 2021

Think of the number of websites you visit each day.  Whether they are already familiar to you or you’re exploring them for the first time, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see what you like and what you don’t.  You’ll know who has put the effort in and who relies on templates without […]

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How to Create and Register a Killer Domain Name

Did you know that a domain name can work wonders for your business, just like a magic wand? An aptly chosen domain name can help you boost your brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, effectively introduce your business to new audiences, and more. Read this article to find out how to come up with […]

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How to Delete Your Social Media Accounts: 101 Guide

Social media platforms spy on users, collect and process their personal data, and negatively affect their mental health. As a social media user, you’ve probably been tempted to delete your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more than once. Is it possible to get a break from social media accounts or even get rid of […]

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Horror Movie Posters: 100 Years of Evolution

Horror films have always been a hit among moviegoers. Starting from the 20s of the XXth century, horror movie posters have undergone a major transformation. In this article, we’ll examine the cinematic industry for the best designer tools and techniques. And of course, you can’t miss our tips for creating a thrilling horror-themed poster of […]

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