4 Tried-and-Tested PR Tips for Small Businesses

Public relations is all about sending the right messages to the right people through the right channels to create a stronger brand reputation. When done right, it can help you build trust and credibility, which will eventually lead to increased sales and profits. That’s why the global PR industry is expected to surpass a value […]

How to use PPC advertising for brand awareness

Sure, you know your brand is important. That’s why you’re on Logaster’s website!  But how should you think about your brand when it comes to PPC Marketing? In this article, I want to walk you through ways you can ensure your brand is front and center to your target audience using Paid Search Advertising.  We’ll […]

Rhetorical Triangle: How to Create a Convincing Ad

One of the best ways to earn the trust of your target audience and win them over is by using three important components: your company’s authority, logical arguments, and emotions. In Ancient Greece, these elements were known under the term “rhetorical triangle”. How can these strategies be useful to a business these days? How are […]

A Startup Guide To Digital Marketing: What, Why, And How

Marketing entails creating awareness about your products. If you manage to convince your customers that you’re offering the best products, then you can be assured of frequent purchases.  While you can do this through channels like print advertising, billboards, radio and TV ads, door-to-door sales, brochures, free consultations, and the like, you don’t want to […]

12 Killer Advertising Campaigns That Made History

What makes a classy advertising campaign12 examples of jaw-dropping ad campaigns A surefire way to come up with a compelling advertising campaign is by borrowing the best practices from top brands. In this article, we’ll go over 10+ revolutionary advertising campaigns that reshaped the advertising industry. Get armed with effective advertising techniques and leave your […]

How Voice Search is Going to Impact the SEO Landscape

Voice search is nothing new at this point. Back in 2018, almost one third of the world’s population was already using voice search, according to multiple sources including Google, and back in 2016 ⅕ of all searches were voice activated. In 2019, that number grew, according to Emarketer, especially in the United States, where 40% […]

Profit, Cost Effectiveness and Customer Loyalty: Why You Need to Explore White Labeling

How does White Labeling work?Benefits to White LabelingWho and how should use White LabelingBest sectors for White LabelingWrapping up How do you minimize costs when developing a new product? How do you meet customer needs and spread awareness of your brand? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you might want to look into the partnership […]

Why Automation is a Must-Have for Email Marketing

What advantages do automatic letters have?Examples of automated letters Trigger emails are emails launched automatically based on actions/inactions of clients or subscribers. Such communication allows you acquto retain clients as well as increase engagement and the number of repeat purchases. According to Yes Lifecycle Marketing statistics, promotion emails provide an average of 13.4% of openings, […]

Andrei Kozhanov: When creating a company visual style, you need to “zero out” your opinion and experience

The most frequent questions among beginner entrepreneurs are whether branding is needed when starting a business and how to create it. We asked an experienced brand-consultant Andrei Kozhanov to answer them. He explained how to launch brand building, how to convert meanings into visual images, and what common mistakes one makes when developing branding. Tell […]

9 Tips for Beginner Entrepreneurs from Eva Katz

Eva Katz is the CEO of the Digital Bands Advertising Agency, the founder of Digital Bandito, an educational club for entrepreneurs, and a writer. The tips she shares in her social media networks, her speeches and interviews are actually a distillation of her own practice with no empty talk or outdated information. That is why […]

How to Create an Email That Subscribers Will Read

If you consider email marketing long dead, think again. According to marketers, emails remain a powerful tool for promoting a business. A smart email marketing campaign is a major stepping stone on your way to building a strong brand. In this post, we’ll educate you on how to design emails that your recipients will open […]

Viber for business: a complete guide on Viber communities, promotion and analytics

Branding your Viber account Customizing your business community How to use Viber for customer service Collecting customer data for email campaigns Analyzing your marketing efforts Conclusions Viber is one of the most popular cross-platform VoIP and instant messaging (IM) apps to date. More than 1 billion people in almost 200 countries, mainly in Asia and […]

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